Why Video Content Is King For Your Social Media.

Creating video content for your brand or business is one of the best decisions you can make.

2019 started with an average of 2.2M hours (!!!) of video being consumed online, and this rose to 2.6M hour at the beginning of 2020.

Reference: Wistia 2020 Video Trends & Usage

Today, especially due to COVID-19, there’s been an increase of over 120%. This, in itself, indicates how popular video content is, and how brands and businesses can take advantage of this marketing tool. So, why not get started?

There are various ways of creating video content can result in being king for your social media. A simple click or tap on the Facebook Live button, a Snapchat here, an Insta Story there, or simply hiring the services of expert video makers can set your social media alight!

Video content has several benefits for brands and businesses, and today, we’re going to look through these lenses to see if you can reap the rewards of product videography.

Lens #1 Video Content Captures Attention And Increases Engagement

Content, in any sense, is king, and all kings sit on the throne to capture the attention of his or her loyal subjects, well, in this case, your target audience. The main objective of creating video content is to spark awareness and open up room for engagement.

Photos are great, but video adds that extra immersive element that really engages us – whether it’s a full blown production, a behind the scenes clip from your phone or even just a simple single movement stop motion – video is more REAL than a photo any day.

Lens #2 Video Can Boost Your SEO

Videography has the power to attract between two and three times more monthly visitors which equates to 157% more organic traffic from search engines.

Reference: Oberlo Video Marketing Statistics

Due to this, search engine optimisation and the use of tags and metadata on published videos, provide the most relevant results on all search queries. As a result, search engine ranking factors determine where you appear on search engine results pages.

Lens #3: Video Content Covers Every Ground

One of the best ways to showcase your products and services, quickly and engagingly, is through video. Video content, unlike text-based content, works by showing things in action, and this brings forth concepts to reality for viewers.

And with our short attention span – you’re still reading?! Well done! 😉 – what better way to convey information than through visuals?

Video content also plays a pivotal role in brand recall and revenue, because conversion and sales are part of your bottom line.

Lens #4: Stop Motion Video Is The Perfect Thumb Stopper

One of the most common product videos we create are stop-motions – they are perfect for bringing products’ step-by-step usage to life, showing off the always popular unboxing, or just adding some extra flair to an otherwise static image to halt those scrolling thumbs in their tracks.

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