Why Product Photography Is Essential For A Product Business.

Product photography is an essential marketing service that can make or break your website. It is important to remember that photography has the power to increase conversions. Visual elements are a key element in decision-making because your product photography quality reflects your brand image, which creates the first impression.  

Product photos are essential, but why, and how important are they? Over 75% of e-Commerce shoppers respond to product photos and say that their quality influences their buyer’s journey when purchasing online (source).

Stats also indicate that 22% of online shoppers return products because items often look far different than posted images (source). Eek.

You must represent your products as accurately as possible for your audience – this can save you money in the bank and that valuable commodity, time.

What’s Involved In Product Photography Services?

It is vital to remember that there’s a lot that goes into a product photography shoot. And these elements can affect pricing. The photography and design agency sets a budget based on the client’s requirements, so custom pricing agencies are often ideal.

A photoshoot may just seem like a simple thing, but a lot of work goes into it!

From reviewing your brand to ensure we capture the right tone and style, to pre-production planning of each shot, sourcing props to building custom sets. Then of course there is the actual shoot time, which includes setting up the sets & studio space, adjusting lighting, styling the shots, checking each photo – sometimes a single photo can take hours!

After the shoot, we hit the post-production – sifting through hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of photos to choose the best ones, then going through edits in both Lightroom and often Photoshop too. Again, a single photo could take hours of editing.

This is why we don’t offer ‘package prices’ for our product photography. Every single shoot is custom priced so you get exactly what you pay for and we can help you decide what is absolutely necessary if you’re working towards a budget.

Tip: It’s most cost effective to batch shoot! That is, it will generally be less expensive to shoot 20 photos as on project, compared to two separate shoots of 10 photos each. Most clients will opt for quarterly shoots over the year which allows for plenty of planning time.

Professional photography agencies understand that being unique is what makes them stand out. Not only this, but they can offer a service like no other for the benefit of their clients’ end-goal. With custom quoted services, you’re not only getting your money’s worth, but you are assured of quality solutions, especially when you require high-end commercial product photography service.

In today’s faced-paced marketing world, grabbing the attention of audiences and web users through your website, marketing material, and across various social media platforms, bright colours, prints, and lifestyle settings play a vital role in helping display your products appealingly and creatively. However, you still need to tell the story of the product. Through well-captured product photography services, you can tap into the audience’s emotions, which is essential in the buyer’s journey.

We all know the power of social media, but did you know that visual content gets up to 40 times more shares across social media platforms?

The quality of your product photography is vital if you want your offerings to go viral. Consider emotional and visual cues and how you can persuade purchase decisions.

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And in conclusion

Product photography is essential to the success of your business. You need to make sure to invest in what will help your products stand out from the crowd and drive sales.

At Sevah Creative, we have invested our time, expertise, and passion in providing the best photo photography services for our clients. We can also offer different variations and sizes of your photography content so that you can use on more than multiple social media platforms, your website, emails, in print etc – talk about value for money! If you’re looking for product photography services, get in touch with us today.


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