We are now Sevah Creative®.

The short story:

We’ve rebranded our creative agency from Lifestyle Collective.co to Sevah Creative®.

We wouldn’t have made it this far without your support and business, so a big thank you to all our wonderful clients – we truly appreciate the projects we get to create and the long-term partnerships that with have with many of you.

The slightly longer story:

The Lifestyle Collective.co name was originally an umbrella brand encompassing both our creative work and our health business (headed up by my partner John). After we sold the health business in December 2019, neither the brand or name was the right fit anymore. 

We’ve spent 2020 working with our amazing clients to create awesome projects across a variety of industries; but we’ve also been very busy behind the scenes:

  • We partnered with a team of developers, copywriters and SEO/PPC experts at the start of 2020 – which means we can focus on what we do best and leave these areas to the more skilled practitioners.
  • John has officially joined the team, heading up our product videography and motion graphics work. He has spent most of 2020 learning – completing his drone RPL (Remote Pilot License) as well as a course in professional colour grading and refining his skills in Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.
  • I (Zoe) started offering product photography about halfway through the year – a natural progression from her many years of food photography, she has spent almost 2 years translating this experience into product based work. This is an area we’ll be expanding further in 2021.

We believe strongly in always learning new skills and refining what we’re good at. This allows us to bring an even higher quality standard of work to everything we do; as well as the new offerings that we’re pretty excited about.

Our services

All of these means that we’ve had the time to sit down and finesse our services.

Design Services >

  • Website Design
  • Unbounce Landing Pages
  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic Design
  • Email Design
  • Marketing Collateral

Content Services >

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The brand


Written by.

Zoe Tattersall
Zoe is the co-founder and Creative Director at Sevah Creative. She heads up our website design, graphics, branding and product photography and loves to see a project through from start to finish. She loves surfing, learning to hit a golf ball, good food, early mornings, yoga, cat videos and the occasional G&T.

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