How Product Photography Will Elevate Your Social Accounts.

Any photographer or creative agency can take pictures of your product.

However, it’s an insight-driven photographer that understands how product photography can define a brand, make a product viral on social and how this can help to establish and grow a business online.

Emphasising just ‘one per day’ for Bariatric Eating. See the project here >

For that reason, the photos on your phone and stock photos just won’t cut it – you need considered product photography that will elevate your online presence by fulfilling the following goals: 

Communicate Your Product And Brand Story

Everyone loves a pretty picture, but with so much imagery uploaded online each second, you need product photography that will speak to and attract your dream clients. This means every photograph needs to capture a moment that’s compelling and visually appealing enough to stop online traffic.

Compelling product photography will not only make your products literally stand out on social media, but also communicates the high quality of your products to your audience. From the what, the why, and how it differentiates you from the competition.

We make subconscious decisions in just a few seconds, so that age-old saying that first impressions count is even more true in the digital space.

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Establishes Your Brand

Professionally captured products form part of a long-term investment strategy for your business. In order for your products to be seen as industry-leading offerings, the imagery needs to be consistent on your social media. This way, audiences will view your business as professional, valuable, quality-driven, diverse and innovative.

Not only can we provide you with high-end product photography, but we can help with creating that cohesive, drool-worthy Instagram feed. We can also work closely with you to ensure everything you post (from graphics to photos to videos) is all perfectly on brand.

What’s more, beautifully shot product photos will tells the right story to your customers. Not only that your business is professional and trustworthy or that your products are great quality – but it sells a feeling. That emotional pull that can drive a person to shop with you over another brand.

Quality product photography creates loyalty, emotional connection and ultimately contributes the your business’ bottom line.

Bold & fresh for Tropic Labs. See the project here >

Product Photography Creates A Visually Cohesive Brand

If you’ve worked with us before, you know we are sticklers for keeping things ‘on brand’! 😉

Your online presence is essential in creating a uniform perspective of your brand to your audience. It is vital that you remain consistent across platforms, including the photos you use to show the world who you are. Product photography is an essential part of this. It can help create the desired impact by:

  • Increases your professional brand look
  • Builds trust with audiences
  • Gets your product recognition on social
  • And positions your business as an expert

Make sure wherever people land, that they’re easily able to identify your brand and products. The commercial photography that we do, for instance, involves a comprehensive process that truly captures the brand/product essence. Starting with the initial brief, pre-production planning, prop sourcing, custom set building, post-production and ending with a satisfied client.

Product photography is an excellent way to elevate your online presence. It has the ability to enhance the relationship you have with current and potential users, increase your awareness and build your professional social media presence.

Speak to our experts at Sevah Creative about your product photography needs today!


Written by.

Zoe Tattersall
Zoe is the co-founder and Creative Director at Sevah Creative. She heads up our website design, graphics, branding and product photography and loves to see a project through from start to finish. She loves surfing, learning to hit a golf ball, good food, early mornings, yoga, cat videos and the occasional G&T.

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