The difference between a Brand, Branding, Brand Identity and a Logo.

Marketing jargon can confuse many people – including the professionals! Certain terms are often used quite loosely and end up being jumbled together, sometimes leading us to think they are one and the same. However, when it comes to the design of logos and brands – there is a clear distinction between them.

So we want to help you quickly understand the distinction between what a brand is, branding, a brand identity and logo design.

What Is A Logo?

At its simplest, a logo can be defined as a visual, written text or a combination of both representing a brand, its name and what your business does.

Looking at what a brand is from a bigger picture, brand logo designs are a vital part of a business’s brand identity. This is because it is the one factor that identifies your brand and is recognisable to people. It is a vehicle that conveys your brand’s personality and value.

However, it is important to remember that a logo is not your brand.

What Is A Brand?

The overall image that businesses and professionals portray through a collection of perceptions, feelings, and ideas about their business to consumers, is a brand – brands are a function of branding efforts.

But remember that your brand is built over time through actions and practices that eventually become a norm from the perspective of consumers.

What Is Branding?

How is it then that a brand becomes a brand from the company’s efforts? Branding! The actions taken by businesses to build the image that consumers consume and notice is essentially what branding is. These are the processes that affect how your business or company develops its identity.

These can be seen in the company’s logo and in the brand mark sent out to the world, the voice of the business, its tone and how it communicates with its consumers, among other things.

What Is a Brand Identity?

Here, your business focuses on the identity being created through the branding process. How you want to be seen and every part of the branding right through to your logo.

Your brand identity aims to shine a light on your company’s unique purposes. These can be seen in your logo, business material, non-visual communication, messaging, marketing material, product packaging, and signage. Generally this is brought together in a Brand Guide or similar brand identity documentation – that can be used for internal stakeholders (and limited external stakeholders). The main goal of a Brand Guide is to help everyone involved in the business, to continue to grow that brand over time.

It is important that you clearly define and understand the roles and purposes of each of the above mentioned. This will help you set clear goals and objectives for your business so that execution is seamless. Furthermore, this will help support your business activities and enable the brand logo design company you work with to work effectively.

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