Who we are.

A little bit about Sevah Creative® and our creative team

Creativity & design that’s as strategic as it is beautiful

At Sevah Creative®, we have real-life experience building businesses but we’re also aesthetically, well, different to most people. With a background in architecture, industrial design and graphics, we are those people – some call us perfectionists, but we prefer the term ‘exacting’.

The people behind Sevah.

Neoteric (n.) a person who advocates new ideas.
Zoe Tattersall

Zoe Tattersall

Co-Founder • Graphic Design • Web Design • Branding • Product Photography

Zoe heads up our website design, graphics, branding, product photography, marketing etc and loves to see a project through from start to finish. Shoot us an email and you’ll be chatting directly with her.

She has a Bachelor of Industrial Design (honours), but is largely self-taught across everything else which means she brings real world experience and a fluff-free approach.

As the self-appointed Creative Director, Zoe manages our developers, SEO & PPC experts and is great at telling the team what to do – kidding, but her feedback can be blunt (just ask John!).

She loves surfing, learning to hit a golf ball, good food, early mornings, yoga, cat videos and the occasional G&T.

John Pilato

John Pilato

Co-founder • Videography • Motion Graphics • RePL & AROC Certified Drone Pilot

John brings his love of videography, drone flying and motion graphic skills to Sevah; as well as being our much-loved “COFAFO” (Chief of Fun & Finance Officer).

He’s an entrepreneur at heart with a naturally creative eye that started originally with 15 years in architecture. He has a real talent for bringing static graphics to life with motion, sound effects and music.

Since then, John worked across a number of industries in business development and consulting roles; which has allowed him to add value to the business in many ways.

Zoe calls him “annoyingly athletic” which he is – tennis, surfing, running, golf, you name it, he does it! He also enjoys yoga, being in nature and trading.

We get what it takes to grow a business.

And we love nothing more than making your ideas come to life with beautiful visuals that work in the real-world.