5 Things To Look For In A Web Designer.

There are plenty of tried-and-tested methods of finding a web designer on the Gold Coast who can meet your needs. If you haven’t successfully got the right person for the job, these five key points should help.

We’re going to look at the characteristics you need to look out for when choosing a web design company and web designer to help you make an informed decision.

#1: Experience In Your Industry

Your starting point should always be eliminating web designers that have no experience in your field. Experience counts, but even more so if it’s in your industry. This is also important if you want to avoid tedious design processes, lengthy planning, and back and forth editing. So be sure to find a Gold Coast web designer who’s worked in your industry.

That said, if the website designer you’re looking at doesn’t have experience in your industry, but you really like their design aesthetic and other elements of their work – then sometimes rules are made to be broken!


#2: Appropriate Pricing

Next to experience, the price tag is the next vital aspect to consider. The price of hiring a web designer on the Gold Coast, Australia, will vary wildly depending on your needs and the extent of work required on your website.

When we say “appropriate” – we don’t just mean find the cheapest! Many of our clients come to us needing a website re-design after they went the cheap route with their initial website build. Cutting costs on your website design will very likely only create more expenses in the long-term.

Make sure that you set a substantial budget before going on the hunt for a web designer. Remember that web design and development’s main aim is to solve a problem. Quality web designers rely not only on their skills and expertise but on data. So, from research to factoring in your personal, unique requirements, mandatory user-experience, functionality, and robust development are essential. The age old saying that “you get what you pay for” definitely rings true when it comes to website design.

#3: Knowledge, Methods & Strategies

When narrowing down potential web designers, make sure that you find out their level of knowledge, methodology, and strategy when creating websites. Additionally, to get a grasp of their capabilities and insights that could be helpful to you, here’s some questions to consider asking:

  • What is your design process?
  • What CMS (content management system) do they use? (Is it easy to use?)
  • How will the website help to drive traffic and generate leads?
  • Do you follow SEO best practices when building the site?
  • What types of conversion strategies do you suggest?
  • What kind of testing do you perform prior to the launch of a new website?
  • Will we be able to make basic edits to the website once the site is live? (This goes back the choice of CMS – we use Divi, which is very simple to learn).

#4: Custom Designs

Make sure you ask your web designer if they are building your website design from scratch OR using a template. At Sevah, we custom design and build your website so that it’s not only 100% unique to your brand, but also so it’s actually FOR your brand – that is, we don’t try to squish your brand and content into a stock standard template.

Whilst a template website may save some dollars, it won’t save you headaches down the track or give you the best conversion optimised website possible.

#5: Long-Term Relationships

Finding the right web designer for your business can be tricky – but once you’ve worked with expert web designers, you’re going to want to stick with them. Make sure they are available for an ongoing relationship. It’s much easier to work long-term with one agency or designer, then having to constantly onboard new people.

What’s more, whenever you need additions, design changes or support a web design project, they’ll easily be able to assist. After all, you’re both familiar with each other and the work they can produce!

Since we provide a range of design & content services at Sevah Creative Agency, we find many of our clients work with us long term across a variety of different areas.

At Sevah Creative, we have an open-door policy. We believe in personalisation, transparency and providing a unique experience. We love working closely with our clients to provide them with bespoke services to meet their needs.

If you’re looking for web design and web development services in Australia, get in touch with us today!


Written by.

Zoe Tattersall
Zoe is the co-founder and Creative Director at Sevah Creative. She heads up our website design, graphics, branding and product photography and loves to see a project through from start to finish. She loves surfing, learning to hit a golf ball, good food, early mornings, yoga, cat videos and the occasional G&T.

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