5 Elements To Consider For Your Landing Page.

Every business owner or marketing manager has business goals that they need to achieve. This can range from collecting qualified leads, driving sales, or promoting a lead gen offer.

A landing page is one thing that overtakes your websites’ ability to hone in on a dedicated conversion objective (and generally a single conversion objective).

Having a website is essential of course as it has its own functions. However, when you’re trying get a visitor to do a specific action, your website will be distracting with its plethora of products, services, offers, pages, links, buttons etc…

Which highlights what the main difference between a website and landing page is. A website will have multiple actions that a visitor can take, whereas a landing page narrows everything to focus solely on that one single action you want the visitor to take, which increases the chances of conversion.

Our preferred landing page app is Unbounce, and we’ve worked with the platform since 2013. As an experienced Unbounce landing page designer, we have the quick-fire tactics to get the high-converting landing page design for your business needs.

What Are the Best Ways To Ensure Your Landing Page is a Hit?

Five core elements of an Unbounce landing page designer uses for a high-converting page:

  • Knowing your unique selling proposition (USP)
  • A compelling hero shot
  • Enticing benefits (not just features!)
  • Real life social proof
  • Bang on call to action (CTA)

This sounds simple enough, right? Putting it all into action is not always that simple though, which is why you need an Unbounce landing page designer to get the job done right.

Remember: your landing page only requires a single conversion goal – that ONE THING you want to the visitors to do – click-through, form submission, sales.

In this post, we’re going to touch on the five key elements that your landing page designer needs to get your conversion goals through the roof.

Put that key USP right up the top, above the fold e.g. ‘just 48 hours with this proven plan’

#1. Your Unique Selling Proposition

Marketers love talking about USP, and for a good reason. Being able to highlight those things that set you apart from the rest is crucial for a landing page. Why should people consider your product or service and choose to convert … instead of clicking the back or close button (eek!).

Highlighting USPs by using social proof.

Every USP differentiates you and sets clear expectations to audiences and your customers. This helps to ensure the landing page supports your company’s objectives and helps to give people a glimpse into why your brand is the perfect fit for them.

It’s all about the one-of-a-kind experience that you’re offering.

#2: The Hero Shot!

Next, your Unbounce landing page designer will need that one image that tells a thousand words. We live in a fast-paced world where our attention wavers in and out all the time, so you’re going to need a visual representation that evokes a desire to want to know more, or better yet, says it all.

Even a faded out background image can add more context to your landing page.

Or maybe that’s a video background – but make sure you’re only adding a video background if it actually adds value and information to the page. Not just for the sake of it (don’t load up your page speed unnecessarily).

Add emotion to your page with an image those shows exactly what you’re offering.

You want that image to make the visitors that hit your landing page imagine a scenario they see themselves using your product. The best way to achieve this is through the visuals and landing page copy. These two need to tell the story and resonate with your audience.

#3: Got Some Features and Benefits?

Another key element that your landing page designer will focus on is the features section, where we’re now diving into providing details and answering any questions.

Adding graphics or icons to each feature / benefit helps those that don’t read every word on your page (which is everyone!)

What you don’t want to forget to do is talk about the feature in terms of how they benefit the user – try not to just list a bunch of features and expect visitors to make the connection themselves.

Here’s an example:

  • Feature driven – Unbounce allows you to create a customisable landing page that focuses on one conversion goal.
  • Benefit driven – Unbounce allows you to convert more visitors through landing pages and increase your ROI.

#4: Where’s the Social Proof

Show people they can trust you. Or think of it like a bit of friendly ‘peer pressure’!

Real-life stories and quotes will help others future-pace their own results or benefits.

A powerful tool of persuasion lies in the social signals that prove others have who’ve bought your products, used your services and immersed themselves in your offerings. So, make sure your landing page highlights this.

It doesn’t have to be just testimonials – trust factor can be built by association too.

Be in control of the narrative and show off those wonderful customer reviews, testimonials, accreditations, awards, partnerships etc.

Don’t make them up though and don’t use stock photos for the people, please!

#5: A Bang on Call To Action

The entire purpose of a landing page is to get those conversions, right? What’s the ultimate way to get them? Your call to action (CTA)! This is the part that tells the audience what to do.

This CTA is a click-through to the next step in the sales funnel…which is exactly what it says it it.

Try to get a bit more creative than just “click here” or “submit” – make the CTA say exactly what will happen when the user takes action – “Download PDF” or “Learn More” or “Upgrade Today”.

Go bold with your CTA as long and try quirkier ideas – as long it delivers the action you require from your audience.

It’s is vital that you have a professional Unbounce landing page designer on board to help you with your conversion goals. And if you’re running paid traffic to your website, think again! It’s even MORE important that you have a landing page for that.

At Sevah Creative, our team are experts in a variety of digital market disciplines, and they’re ready to get your landing page ducks in a row for you. (Un)Bounce on over… we’re ready to assist you.


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