3 Types Of Product Photography For eCommerce Sites.

Imagery! Photos are the first thing that pops out and grabs your attention when you land on an e-commerce site, right? And for a good reason! Did you know that our brains process images 60, 000 times faster than text?  

As an eCommerce website owner, it is important that you’re aware of this as visitors to your website are forming their first impression based on what they see. We often buy products from brands we trust and our impression of what we see counts on our purchase decisions.

Because of this, quality product photography is crucial. The better the product photography is, the more likely your offerings will be perceived as high-value products.

There are several product photography services on the Gold Coast, and our experts have put this post together to highlight the different product photography types for your e-commerce website.

The Different Types Of Product Photos You Need

Catch Me In The Studio

A commercial product photography style is very on trend currently – but it’s also timeless. With the continued growth of social media and visual content in general, having a wide variety of shots is essential to keep your social accounts fresh, test what is best received by your audience and showcase your product’s benefits.

A studio shot may be anything from a simple product set-up to an elaborate, custom built set. Both are useful, and depending on your brand aesthetic, you may only stick to one style.

It’s important to consider the story you want to share with your audience, and that’s where we come in! We love to take your product and use photography to illustrate it’s benefits (let’s face it, bullet points just don’t cut it now, you have to make your audience FEEL something!).

Some important things that we consider to help you decide on what shots you need –

  • Where is the shot going to be used i.e. what size e.g. for social 1:1, 4:5 or 9:16
  • Will there be graphics or text added to it? We’ll make sure there is enough ‘white space’ around the image to do so!
  • Are there specific brand colours you need used? We’ll get PMS matched coloured backdrops made.
  • We’ll source the perfect props will tell your product story OR pick from our (always growing) in-house collection.
  • Do we need to build custom sets?

There’s lots to consider when planning a studio shoot, so make sure you book us at least a few weeks in advanced for when you need the photos delivered.

It’s All About The Lifestyle

If you want to show your customers what their life could and look like when using your products, lifestyle shots are a must! In these shots, products are generally taken in their natural environment, like places you’d expect to see or use them OR being used by people that your target audience will relate to or aspire to.

Using this type of product photography helps customers visualise using the product, whether at home or in their lives. Lifestyle shots also aim to create a relationship and connect with your audiences, so make sure you consider lifestyle photography for your brand and product.

These are also often used on e-commerce websites as well as in social media posts.

It’s In The Detail

What you see is what you get, and that’s what people what confidence in when they are making an online purchase.

Simple product photos, often on a white or single colour background, are meant to present the product as clearly and attractively as possible. These shots are all about clarity, and also being able to highlight details. We may even get right up close and personal to zone in on features of parts of a product.

Product shots are mostly placed in product pages, often as “deep-etched” image – which refers to the process of removing the product from its background so that it can be either a transparent PNG file OR a different colour background can be added (generally white, but could be any of your brand colours).

If you’re looking for product photography services on the Gold Coast or have questions on the different shots, speak to us at Sevah Creative.


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Zoe is the co-founder and Creative Director at Sevah Creative. She heads up our website design, graphics, branding and product photography and loves to see a project through from start to finish. She loves surfing, learning to hit a golf ball, good food, early mornings, yoga, cat videos and the occasional G&T.

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